Stay Hydrated in Style with the SKAULT 2 Litre Tritan Water Bottle

When it comes to staying hydrated, nothing beats having a reliable, functional, and stylish water bottle by your side. Introducing the SKAULT 2 Litre Tritan Water Bottle, designed with the perfect balance of convenience, safety, and aesthetics in mind.

Say goodbye to frequent refills and hello to better hydration habits with this amazing water bottle made from the highest quality Tritan co-polyester material. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

LARGE 2L CAPACITY: No More Frequent Refills

2L Tritan Water Bottle In the Bush Aurora Lights. Green Purple

The SKAULT 2 Litre Tritan Water Bottle offers an impressive 2L capacity to ensure you enjoy one full water bottle without having to refill it frequently.

The featured measuring scale makes it easy to check your actual water intake throughout the day. Its wide-mouth opening makes it a breeze to fill with ice cubes and clean after use.


Featuring unique inspirational quotes and time markers, the SKAULT water bottle is perfect for measuring your daily intake of water and reminding you to stay hydrated.

With its motivational design, this bottle is a must-have to achieve your health and wellness goals.



Equipped with a flip-top lid and a secure lock, the SKAULT water bottle is dust and leakproof, making it perfect for on-the-go use. The removable straw offers spill-proof sipping and fast water flow, and the bottle can be used without the straw if you prefer.

The portable wrist strap and anti-skid grip design make it easy to carry anywhere, whether you’re at the gym, office, or enjoying outdoor activities.

BPA FREE: Drink with Confidence

Made from the highest quality food-grade polymer, SKAULT’s Tritan Bottles are 100% BPA and toxin-free, ensuring that you can drink your water without any concerns.

Odor-free and compliant with American FDA, European LFGB, and South African SABS standards, this water bottle prioritizes your safety and well-being.

Product Specifications:

Premium Frosted Tritan Bottle with Straw

BPA Free

Frequently Asked questions

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Yes, the SKAULT 2L Tritan water bottle is dishwasher safe. The Tritan plastic material design makes it a durable and long-lasting product able to handle any dishwasher.

The SKAULT 2L Tritan water bottle is made from a heat-resistant Tritan material that makes it safe to pour boiling hot water into. Please be careful as boiling water can burn you if you are not careful

Yes, you can add ice to the SKAULT Tritan Water Bottle through its large opening. Simply fill the bottle about two-thirds of the way with cold water and then add ice. When adding ice, make sure that the ice does not block the straw opening.

You can buy our SKAULT 2 Litre Tritan Water Bottle on Takealot through the link below:


2L Tritan Water Bottle on the river bed Tropical Dream. Orange Green

If you’re looking for a water bottle that offers a winning combination of style, functionality, and safety, the SKAULT 2 Litre Tritan Water Bottle is the perfect choice.

With its impressive capacity, motivational design, and portability, this bottle will quickly become your favorite companion for staying hydrated. Invest in a SKAULT water bottle today and enjoy the benefits of better hydration habits in your daily life.

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