Where it all began

Founded in South Africa’s lockdown in 2020 with a desire to build quality products for all to achieve their health and fitness goals. We wanted to build health, wellness and fitness products that could handle all of South Africans lifestyles and so SKAULT was born. Focused on building products that can handle the rigour South Africans demand from their products.

To truly understand the foundation that SKAULT is built on, look to its history. This journey of humble beginnings of the SKAULT brand that shaped its mission to conquer personal goals, but also to leave the world in a better state than what it was yesterday. These values and guiding principles are what drive us here at SKAULT, to help you unlock your potential.
We have a vision for the future, for the magical place it could be when you realise what you are capable of, what we are capable of together and how we can accomplish this.

Let the journey begin.

SKAULT’s History

Founded in the depths of the South African Lockdown in 2020 with a desire to build quality products that allowed South African’s to achieve their health and fitness goals while being at home. We wanted to build health, wellness and fitness products that could handle the rigor that South Africans required from its products. Thus, SKAULT was born. With a focus on the highest quality to be able to survive everything that our lifestyles could throw at our products.

It all started with a home workout in the search for a quality yoga mat. One of our biggest frustrations was not being able to find a yoga exercise mat that was thick enough to protect our joints while training on a hard floor. Another area was that none of the mats were tall and wide enough to fit us. Most mats on the market were thin and narrow. So SKAULT went out to solve this problem by building high quality, thick and extra wide yoga mats.

This led us down a path to solve another daily health goal, getting in the recommended daily water intake. Our minds were set on building the best quality water bottles to help us stay hydrated and meet these goals. We started by building a size of bottle of two liters to hit the minimum required amount of water you should drink a day. From there we made our bottles from the highest quality Tritan co-polyester to make them shatterproof and dishwasher safe. We also went and included motivational markings on the side, so you know at what stage in the day you need to be with your water intake. This then led us to include a more manageable size as well of one liter.
Many more exciting product to come.

Company Mission

SKAULT’s mission is to equip people to better themselves by providing high-quality products and training that are not only easy to use and grasp, but provides sustainable results with your health and fitness. Our vision for the SKAULT brand is built around four pillars: Health, Wellness & Fitness; Quality Commitment; Sustainability into the Future and Investing Back into the Community.

Company Values and Guiding principles

Company Values and Guiding principles

Through SKAULT’s journey so far, we have built a company on a solid foundation of values and guiding principles that guide our drive and decisions.

1. Health, Wellness and Fitness

At SKAULT’s core is our belief in health. Our products are built around a mission to unlock our customers potential in being the best versions of themselves. We believe that health is a pillar in our lives from which an overall happier version of ourselves can be built.

This health, wellness and fitness mission to equip you to unlock your potential within drives our product innovation. Accessing your unique potential by taking away the barriers to meet your heath goals, in your own time.

2. Quality Commitment

Built stronger than your families cast iron pot that has been passed down for generations, SKAULT products have a strong commitment to quality above all other factors. This quality commitment guides SKAULT’s decisions as a business and is one of the main pillars for its competitiveness in the retail industry. Our products are built to last, take a few dings along the way and be there for you no matter the activity.

3. Sustainability into the Future

In a world with finite resources, we have a strong focus on sustainability. SKAULT realizes that we are not only investing back into our customers but also the future of their lifestyles. A key pillar in how we do this is with environmentally appropriate and sustainable practices towards how you develop yourself, which is why all SKAULT’s products are made from fully recyclable materials

Company Future Goals

What does SKAULT’s future hold? It lies within its community and customers. Continuing to build products that solve health, wellness and fitness problems, and build these products in ways that are sustainable for many generations to come. Products & Services are designed to bring positive change through health and lifestyle, while keeping people happy. SKAULT strives to achieve this on our platforms as and when we can and bring about positive relationships with each other. The power of SKAULT remains grounded within giving back. Through innovation we are to deliver products that are of the highest caliber but also at a price point that is within reach.

We look forward to welcoming you into the SKAULT family and helping you unlock your potential through equipping you with the best health and wellness products available.